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Sunday 11 September 2022

Javier Marías, Dies Aged 70

Hello Gentle Reader,
One of the greatest contemporary writers of Spanish Literature, Javier Marías has died at the age of 70. Since his debut at the age of 19, Javier Marías has been one of Spain’s most prolific and beloved writers, publish monumental and influential novels such as: “All Souls,” “A Heart So White,” “Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me,” and the epic novel sequence: “Your Face Tomorrow,” (“Fever and Spear, “Dance and Dream,” and “Poison Shadow and Farewell,”). IN addition to his literary and creative writing pursuits, Javier Marías was a prolific and dedicated columnist, in addition to being a accomplished and astute scholar of languages, having lectured at Oxford, and being a accomplished translator of English language writers. Despite being one of the most influential, critically acclaimed, and popular writers of the Spanish language over the past half century, Javier Marías, never received the Cervantes Prize (the Spanish Language Nobel) or the Nobel Prize for Literature, which he was often viewed as perennial candidate for. Despite not receiving either of these awards, Marías’s work, and legacy will endure without these awards glittering behind him, as there is no contest or contention, at just how critically acclaimed and endearing he was to the Spanish literary circles. As is often the case, this fanfare, often proves to be a handicap with some awards, as adjudicating committees, often view popularity and critical acclaim with a suspicion and distrust or are worried at being viewed as being predictable in scope. In a state of irony, Javier Marías caused controversy in 2012, when he declined a government sponsored literary award, which caused quite a stir, and it had been rumored that he petitioned for himself to be refused the Cervantes Prize, which ultimately meant that Javier Marías had an otherwise complicated relationship with literary awards. Yet, as a writer, Javier Marías remains an eternally compelling writer, one whose work were singular and marvelous, truly being one of the most original writers in Spanish language literature, in addition to the metafictional and postmodernist puzzle crafter Enrique Vila-Matas.
Rest in Peace, Javier Marías. You were truly one of the most compelling and interesting writers of contemporary Spanish language literature.
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