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Thursday, 8 September 2022

An End of an Era

Hello Gentle Reader,
With the recent death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, truly the United Kingdom, Common Wealth, and the rest of the world feels the end of an era. Queen Elizabeth II, was a remarkable woman, truly the epitome of grace and charm as strength. Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has remained an anchor and rock for nations, politicians, and decency. She has weathered personal tragedies, such as the passing of her father on February 6 1952, which would mark the worst day of her life as she forced to ascend to her royal duty and become Queen.
Throughout her reign and life, Queen Elizabeth II has counseled and sworn in numerous prime ministers; faced adversity, personal and political; been a trailblazer of many achievements; all while being dignified, stoic, and always graceful. Queen Elizabeth II commitment to duty, civic and royal, remained the lodestone of her success. The continued sacrifice of personal feelings, thoughts, and even indulgences were routinely denied.
One cannot help but have great respect for Queen Elizabeth II, to be given an impossible task, the most inhumane challenges. To be coronated and crowned in jewel and glamour, pomp and ceremony; all the while living under continue political and public scrutiny; and on top of that having to be a constitutional fire extinguisher, continually ensuring good governance, by rising above the dirty business of politics, without sharing an opinion or taking a position, by being continually non-partisan; while having to contend with self-serving elected officials, who hold no love or interest of the public and the governed. It is always the Queen who must act as consular and sage, bestowing salted commonsense to smooth matters over. Yet, perhaps most importantly, it was the Queens unflappable sense of the absurd. A truly enriching sense of humour which weathers every storm and brightened all situations. 
Now at the age of 96, the United Kingdom, the commonwealth, and the greater world must say goodbye to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Its both touching and sad to think that the last public message Queen Elizabeth provided was her condolences to the victims, their families, and the people of Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole, as they make sense of the tragedy which took place this past week. Which only affirms Queen Elizabeth’s sense of dignified responsibility as sovereign.  
As a Canadian, Queen Elizabeth II has been the only monarch I ever knew. And just as it is when one loses a parent, these coming days will be shocking, as one feels a sense of tragic absence on the precipice of abandonment. Yet, as was the case of February 6, 1952, we will grieve and mourn, but never falter or become entrapped into self-indulgence. Queen Elizabeth II would disapprove of such behaviour; but with quiet dignity, as she so often showcased and modeled to all of us, we will honour Her Majesty, as we mark the end of this era.
Thank you, your Majesty. Thank you for everything that you have done.
The Queen is dead, and may she Rest in Peace.  

And Now:
God Save The King.

M. Mary


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