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Thursday 19 November 2009

Multiculturalism of Canada – A Mistake Beyond Repair

Hello Gentle Reader:

Do you have one of those grandmothers who think that duct tape will fix every little problem and issue? Well to be honest I don’t, but if you do I feel your pain; because Canada’s government is now slowly and surely learning that there policy on Multiculturalism is slowly cracking up, and more and more chinks (Chink: a crack, cleft, or fissure) are appearing on the so called “cultural mosaic,” that has become Canada’s identity.

The issue has been described in quite a few articles:

This link:

As the article points out:

“”The Chinese of Markham have little interaction with the Indians of Brampton, or the Pakistanis of Mississauga, or the Sri Lankans of Scarborough, or the Somalis of Islington," warned Singh, adding you can "forget about" integration with "mainstream white society.””

That was not what the idea of Multiculturalism was about. Multiculturalism was about taking the time to allow others to feel at home, within Canada when they immigrated here. The thought about moving to another country (in some cases) is a huge hope filled lifter of spirits, but when they get here, they see the busy and fast moving society that I love. So the government decided that it was time, to help these poor and unfortunately souls out and allowed them to keep their language and culture while they lived here. Well now days, younger generations like myself must put up with this idea of people, not speaking English or French, and cannot even write in Canadian language. Well this may come to a surprise of a few people is this Canada. It’s not a lot in my opinion to speak English or French (depending where you live) and be able to live with in mainstream life. If people want democracy so bad, and want to live in a democracy so bad, then I think they might as well, learn to adapt to what’s the idea of Canada.

Multiculturalism is destroying Canada, not furthering it. It is allowing us to become a breeding ground of terrorism, radicalism, and fundamentalism. Why does this concern me a real Canadian? This infringes on my right to have my rights heard. I don’t want to loose my rights, to some one else because they cry racism when they are denied the idea of killing someone.

If in another country; lets call it “fandmuokisinaztan,” is staying that its okay to eat another person, and someone leaves that country and becomes and immigrant here in Canada, they then decide they are hungry and eat another person, the person is getting charged, and then the immigrant then cry’s out the most used word in the English language: “Racism!” So the politicians of Canada stops for a moment, and reconsider if they want to try the immigrant, while the rational and sane citizens say try the bastard, the politicians afraid of being considered racist if they do, let him go, and he goes on his merry way. Two months later he is back in court, for eating a baby. The court begins to put him on trial he cries racism again. This is such a joke, that us as Canadians are afraid to protect our citizens because we would be considered “racist,” under the idea of being Multicultural.

So many Canadians are fed up with being multicultural, and being told at a young age, that it’s good to love other cultures. I do love other cultures, but I don’t love cultures that are going to try and destroy and ruin my way of life. If I so decide to love a man or a woman, or decide to wear a shirt that says, “fuck you,” on it, and watch porn, I decide that because that’s my right. If someone doesn’t like that, fine by me, though the problem is and always shall be is they don’t think anyone should like that. I don’t like “gangsta,” (which is not a word) rap, so I don’t buy the music, and I don’t support the artists; there end of my rap problem so to speak. I would never try and say no to someone who like sit, if they buy the CD that’s their business. However someone always says that’s not right, and try’s to take that away. The PMRC led by the lovely Tipper Gore tried to do that. Anyhow, other cultures are fine, but the culture of the mother country is what matters. You interact with everyone, you speak English, you have a job, you pay taxes, you have a family you can speak with et cetera.

Multiculturalism has been nothing but a hindrance upon Canadian society; the idea of the country tearing apart at the seams and grouping into their own communities based on race, sexuality, religion, et cetera appears to be more real then ever. Multicultural society or a failed society doomed to fall to pieces? A question worth an answer, but answer only time can tell. However, the lack of participation and action by the Canadian government, and the growing frustration’s of the rational mainstream Canadian people, is growing more and more alarming as time passes, what will happen in the future? Will this country fall apart, because no one is willing to stand up for him or herself or shall we expect another revolution, and turn into some insane country bent on one culture, and one identity? Who knows, and I don’t for sure, however its one thing that history taught me is: the longer you ignore the problem, the worst it gets; kind of like an infection . . . you never know, you could loose your finger or toe if its not treated; but here is hoping Canada does not loose itself.

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Thursday 15 October 2009

The Nobel Prize for Literature . . . . .

Hello Gentel Reader

On October, 8th, 2009 the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature was anounced. The winner of this year's prestigouse literary award is: Herta Müller.

"who, with the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose, depicts the landscape of the dispossessed"

For that reason, Herta Müller was awared the Nobel Prize for Literature. May Herta Müller enjoy the prize as she deserves and may her work, be renowed, and read far and wide, for everyone to enjoy.

Congralutions to this years Nobel Laureate in Literature.

Take Care Gentle Reader

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