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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Never Let Me Go Film Adaption

Hello Gentle Reader

From the looks of what i have made a list of, i have eleven books that i should read. However i shall get to them when i get to them. As of right now i need to take a break from reading books and just let my mind relax. i know i have started: "Savage Detectives," by Roberto Bolano, and "The Black Prince," by Iris Murdoch but i will get to them when i get to them. i guess it does not help that i have a library card now, and can rent out books like crazy. but for the time being i know i should just stop and take a breather. Try to focus on my writing and et cetera.


I have known of the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro for quite a while (the novels name is "Never Let Me Go,"). Now sometime in 2010 a movie adaption is set to be released. i must admit as a person who prefers the detailed and richly characterized form of novels over the rather shallow and often surface view of movies, i have little to no expectations.

Though the movie adaption of this novel may be worth something. that however should be tested upon its release. Some people are avid movie watchers and could tell you the director, and the actors and rate the actors on a scale from 1 - 10. I on the other hand am not that kind of person. I can see past the notion of the shallow depth and find myself often disappointed with the lack of depth and detail in a movie.

I can think of a few movies made from novels that were just dreadful for those that have actually read the novels.

"The Golden Compass," by Phillip Pullman was dreadful. The book was far better. the Movie adaption was dreadful, just dreadful. The ending was wrong, which pissed me off the most. I mean how can you get the ending wrong? Start the movie right, and end it right. I guess some people just don't see that.

"The Cat in The Hat." Lets just face it a book that is based on pictures, and some word play. you just can't turn that into a feature film.

"The Blind Assassin." I must confess that i have never seen this movie personally, but i will say that i have read the book, and i don't think that a movie could even try to do this novel justice. its a story within a story, with a novel written by a character in the novel itself. honestly you may enjoy the book but leave it at that.

However there have been some movies that have been adapted from books, that were done quite well, i think.

"Fight Club." Done quite well, and presented Chuck Palahniuk's novel in an interesting light. The acting was amazing, and not shallow however you still knew that the characters where the actors (mainly because its Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bohemian Carter)

"Trainspotting." Hard to understand, but great set of characters and actors to play them. The adaption certainly did this novel some justice.

"Requiem for a Dream." With the Kronos Quartet playing the strings, that is both haunting and unnerving this movie adaption hit me in the stomach and was more chilling then any horror movie i have ever seen.

I suppose Hollywood has its good points and its bad points. That being said, i still have no to little expectations for this up and coming movie adaption of "Never Let Me Go," will i be disappointed? I can't say as of right now. Will i go see the movie theatre’s? I don't know. if i do, i do. If i do not, then i do not. What i do know as of right now is that if i go i go. What i will say as of right now though, is that i have no expectations.

If the movie is successful I suppose Mister Kazuo Ishiguro's wallet will get a bit thicker.

Take Care Gentle Reader
Thank-you for reading Gentle Reader
And As Always
Stay Well Read


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rant: A Novel

Dear Reader:

With nothing to write about last week, i come this week (a day early as well) i come today with something to write about.

Recently i came to the conclusion that i have ten or more novels to read, that i have bought. however i'll get around to them when i get around to them. Kind of like when i was a kid, and i used to ask my parents all the time "are we there yet?" when were all stuck in the prison cell of a moving vehicle. the answer was always the same: "No. we'll get there when we get there." The same can be applied with these novels. I will get to them when i get to them.

Recently however i came across a novel at the library by a author by the name of Chuck Palahnkiuk (yes the same author i went and saw) the novels name was "Rant," or more formally known as: "Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey."

Certainly an interesting tale, and an interesting style that the novel was written in. What i did enjoy was the subject of how the stories that people told of there fellow characters and history itself often contradicted with someone else’s. That is a lot like life. A neo-nazi's views on the Holocaust would certainly be very different then that of a Jewish person, or anyone who was affected by the slaughter of World War II. But this history is less, tragic and more . . . farm town, boring, with a kid who enjoys getting bitten by coyotes, badgers, pit vipers, rattlesnakes, and black widow spiders (among the many animals that he uses to get high). Certainly no other junkie in this world could ever be stranger.

But this novel is not in the genre of just another low life junkie getting high (in a rather unique and original way). But instead this little redneck small town boy, finds himself, in a dystopian future. A dystopian future where two groups of people exist, but are cut in two by a curfew. A curfew of day and night. “Daytimers”: are the respected -- rather they are the normal people of society who actually keep it working. As well as the “Nighttimers”, the very disgusted underbelly of this dystopian future.

One of the most interesting part of this novel thought, is that it shows different perspectives of people, based on the opinions and perceptions of a person. A good case would be Buster "Rant," Casey's parents. His mother calls him "Buddy," who his father calls him "Buster." Through out the novel though there are many examples of the different perceptions of the characters from the opinions of others characters.

Rant (Buster Casey) finds himself swept up in the deep dark underbelly of this future dystopian world. But he also starts some other problems with his own addiction, and soon all hell (which is bound to happen) breaks loose, and soon a firm and radical stance of oppression is forced to come.

However this novel is about Rant (Buster Casey) who never makes a real appearance in a speaking part so to speak, but rather lets others perceptions form a rather interesting and character for us to see. The question is: who is the real Rant (Buster Casey)? A question i doubt that will be answered but dear Mr. Chuck Palahniuk makes an interesting observation of showing us, how the different views of people can often show a different character that another may view.

Though the ending is slightly . . . . strange and probably the least enjoyable part (for me that is) of the entire tale, i did find it interesting, and some interesting idea's where offered for me to chew on. Though i am sure there for more entertaining purposes that something to be taken seriously. Kind of like those crazy conspiracy theorists.

A good novel overall. some people may find the style not as amusing as i did, while others will jump for joy at it. Some may find the characters unlikable. While others may enjoy them. the point is this novel will be one to like or to hate. I personally liked it.

if you decide to pick up this novel and read it i hope you enjoy it as well.

Take Care Gentle Reader
Thank-you for reading
and stay well read