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Thursday 21 August 2014

Iranian Lioness Simin Behbahani Passes Away 87

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Simin Behbahani was affectingly referred to as the Lioness of Iran. She was a poet, who wrote of the joys of love. She was Iran’s national poet; and a literary icon of Persian poetry and literature. Singers used her poems, as basis for their songs, which spoke of love. However Behbahani was more than just a poet of love. She was a writer, of societal change, and of women’s issues within her country. Simin Behbahani wrote of the challenges that Iran faced after its Islamic Revolution in the nineteen-seventies; and the issues that faced women after the revolution. She fought for women’s rights, was a translator, a political activist, and a poet. Her works however, also faced political challenges. A opposition newspaper was banned by Iranian political authorities, for publishing one of her poems. In two-thousand and six, Behbahani attempted to board a plane to leave, for a event in Paris; she was detained by the police. At the age of eighty two, Behbahani was interrogated all night long, much to the shock of her English translator, and many others. Despite her age, Behbahani remained a political force; she wrote about the disputed Iranian elections in two-thousand and nine, with harsh scathing words: “Stop this extravagance, this reckless throwing of my country to the wind.” Her message was made clear. Despite being nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature twice; the Lioness of Iran did not receive the accolade of Laureate status. Her political activism marches on. Yet it is her poetry and the joys of the poetry that is shared between poet and author that will burn the brightest.

Rest in Peace Simin Behbahani

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