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Thursday 24 December 2015

A Merry Christmas!

Hello Gentle Reader

Outside, fat snowflakes fall. By definition it will be a White Christmas. The meteorologist on the news claims; with added enthusiasm that tomorrow maybe, by definition: a Perfect Christmas. The tree is up. The presents are wrapped. Tea is brewing in the pot. And for now, family is together. The guests, that were set to join me (us) this evening, have cancelled; but no matter, their joy in the air; a joy that will rebound to the world tonight and tomorrow! NORAD is busy, watching tracking Santa in the sky; a year’s worth of preparations are in tow in his sleigh, and his list has been complied and checked twice. But a Saint with a warm and open heart, is sure to keep it open to all, naughty or nice – and coal is just not environmentally friendly anymore; and Krampus should surely be spared his tiresome (if albeit sadistic) duties for another year; and joy passed to all children; as being nice is difficult, and hiccups of all sorts are to be forgiven.

To you my Dear Gentle Reader, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a well deserved New Year! May the slate be wiped clean, and we begin the new year off with fresh snow, and a renewed vigor! This year I am hell bent determined on purchasing Marvin Gardens – as I am every year; but this year I will be successful!

A Merry Christmas, Gentle Reader!
A Merry, Merry Christmas!

Thank-you For Reading Gentle Reader
Take Care
And As Always
Stay Well Reade

M. Mary 

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