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Sunday 21 December 2014

Silent Nights

Hello Gentle Reader

“Silent Night,” is perhaps my favorite Christmas carol. It is a soft, slow and meditative lullaby; in its tune and gentle resonance. It is the only carol, that makes me think of the black winter skies up above, and the white silent snow that falls down; from the Christmas seasons of my own past. The appreciation of this song is a new revelation for me. After years of retail, and the constant loop of the dread holiday music; which can only be described as: (as of yet) undisclosed enhanced interrogation techniques to be used on ones holiday guests, when they are cheating at monopoly. All it would take for me would be the song: “Santa Clause Got Stuck in My Chimney,” by Ella Fitzgerald. After a few hours, of listening to that song, I would confess to my own holiday mischief, during the duration of the game:

“—Yes the Monopoly bank was robbed – it was an inside job – yes it was me! The banker; the teller; the candle stick maker! . . . I had a bad case of the ‘sticky fingers.’ I could not help myself. The guy just down the table – the one using the thimble; bought ‘Marvin Gardens.’ I’ve always loved ‘Marvin Gardens,’ – not because it’s an expense property; not because its colour is yellow – rather just so I can envision myself one day living in a place called ‘Marvin Gardens.’ But no! The thimble bastard bought it before I could. I knew I didn’t have enough money to buy ‘Park Place,’ or ‘Boardwalk,’ so I decided to take out a under the table loan.—“

Though I am told it has nothing to do with my irreparable criminal record during my monopoly banker days – I am not allowed to be the Banker again. The official reason is – democratic process. We each take a vote of who should be the banker – I am the only one who votes for me. Still at the end of the day I end up losing – generally without “Marvin Gardens,” but that night, I envision myself living in the estate like homes of a community with “Gardens,” in its name.

I feel the need to apologise to Wisława Szymborska, who has taught me to look past “Santa Clause Got Stuck in My Chimney,” and to instead weight the merits of Ella Fitzgerald by her song “Black Coffee.” If heaven is as you had hoped it to be Wisława, I hope that you are enjoying a cup of coffee, and a cigarette and rejoicing in Ella Fitzgerald’s music.

As for you My Gentle Readers, I hope you get away from the hustle and the bustle and of course the choiring; to enjoy the silent nights of winter. How peaceful the snow falls into place; how quiet one gets from the cold. Though the chill might be as bitter and pierce the skin like a hungry wolf; one only needs to remember that winter cannot last forever; and that Christmas comes only once a year.

Merry Christmas Gentle Reader

Thank-you For Reading Gentle Reader
Take Care
And As Always
Stay Well Read
*And Remember: Downloading Books Illegally is Thievery and Wrong.*

M. Mary

P.S. If by chance Santa Clause does get stuck in your Chimney – I’ve always imagine lighting a fire under his ass – one can only presume that, that will offer proper motivation to remove themselves from the chimney.

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