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Friday 12 December 2014

Menis Koumandareas Murdered

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Greece is a country with a very cultured and ancient history. It is filled with the foundations of most ideologies; it is the primordial archipelago in which the Western World’s first steps as an intellectual species first took its steps into science, politics, and culture. One of contemporary Greece’s, finest and admired writers Menis Koumandareas has passed away, not by natural causes but (allegedly) by human hands. The eighty three year old author was discovered almost a week ago, in his apartment in Athens by a nephew he had grown concerned, because he could not contact his uncle. According to online reports, Koumandareas had suffered contusions to his face and neck. The reports speculate that, the cause of death could have been asphyxiation from a pillow located near the body; or a possible heart attack, triggered by the assault. That being said a conclusive cause of death has not been released. Either way Greece has lost one of its cherished writers. Menis Koumandareas protested and was a resistance writer against the military dictatorship, which had befallen Greece during the latter half of the twentieth century. Koumandareas’s writing is known for depicting sober portraits of post-war Greece, but was a writer who had written with a sensitivity that detailed and offered his hopes and dreams for contemporary society and the people within.

Menis Koumandareas has only one novel published in English titled “Koula.”

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