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Tuesday 7 June 2011

Can You Tell a Woman’s Written Word from a Mans?

Hello Gentle Reader

What a hectic week it has been. Tuesday was just as crazy as Monday. Except Tuesday was a bit worst; it always appears my Gentle Reader, that no matter how good the day is going according to plan, it always falls apart at the last crucial moments. However – well not really a however; I was able to see come up with some conclusions. Such as always think the worst of people, that way anything that may or may not be out of their character, does not come to much of a surprise. Also always call a back half hour before you need it. That way you end up on time early rather than late. It’s been a day of stress, learning, and reflection. But it has not killed me, though at certain moments, I thought I was going to die of certain embarrassments, of being late. I mean personally I am a very punctual person. Seeing as my reluctance and fear of getting a drivers license even now at my age, makes me rely on others – such as public transportation for example – may I also add that taxi cabs are overrated? I know personally they say its twenty cents ($.20) per one hundred and ten meters; I have to say that is a lie; because as experience of the cab trip today with this certain cab company it appeared that the cab was on a time rate. Not a rate by however many meters you traveled. Not to mention the starting base is three dollars. I don’t pretend made of money, but apparently taxi cabs – or this one; thinks I am made of money. Oh well, I learned about that particular cab company. Perhaps next time I’ll check another one, out. But this is not about the cab company; and I do realize I am a bit spiky today, but the embarrassment of being late, and yet not mentioning it is not my fault, because that would only add to the embarrassment that you were late and its “so and so’s fault,” because that doesn’t show that I am willing to admit and recognize my mistakes. That being said, it is still is a bit unfair that I was late, based on public transportations inadequacy, then again, I should have called and gotten their earlier. Oh well, nothing can be done about the past in the present time. All one can do is simply, bury it and move on with their lives, and hope and also take action, to make sure that other opportunities arise.

However, I am not the only person in the world who is a bit spiky. Sir V.S. Naipaul the Nobel Laureate of Literature in two thousand and one (2001), who is also ranked seventh on “Times,” “50 greatest British writers since 1945,” in two thousand and eight (2008), has also shown his spiky side last month with a comment he made in an interview with the Royal Geographic Society, where he made a certain comment about female authors. Sir V.S. Naipaul had stated that woman writers are inferior to their gender counter parts. He also made it quite clear, that he does not consider any female author his equal. Not even Jane Austen. Nevertheless Sir V.S. Naipaul is not the kind of writer who is new to any literary spats – at least that is according to the article of “The Guardian,” in their book section. Personally I have not read anything by Sir V.S. Naipaul. Nor have I read anything by Jane Austen, but I did watch the film “Becoming Jane,” but that is no substitute to her work.

The fact that I have not read anything by Sir V.S. Naipaul does not mean that I can say any woman writer is his equal, because I have no idea if any writer is his equal. Though I have read many female authors who may be able to equal Sir V.S. Naipaul. The Nobel Laureate in Literature of two thousand and nine (2009) Herta Muller can be seen as his equal. Her style, and experiences under the totalitarian regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, are something to behold. Reading Herta Muller for me is a beautiful but also horrifying experience. Then there is the Nobel Laureate for Literature in nineteen ninety six (1996) from Poland Wislawa Szymborska. Though I have not read any of her poems, other than the few online, I would certainly love to get a few collections of her poems. I mean she is Poland’s Literary Grandmother. Then there is A.S. Byatt who along Sir V.S. Naipaul is ranked in the “Times,” “50 greatest British writers since 1945,” and took the spot of thirty four. What about Doris Lessing the Grand Dame of English Literature, and Nobel Prize Laureate of Literature in two thousand and seven (2007) who is ranked fifth on the “Times,” Literary Grandmother. Then there is Dame A.S. Byatt who along Sir V.S. Naipaul is ranked in the “Times,” “50 greatest British writers since 1945.”

But her is the challenge to you Gentle Reader, can you tell an authors gender, by their writing? The test offers you ten questions, and then you decide if they are male or female writers.

My score is: Six out of Ten.

What is your score Gentle Reader?

Take the test with the following link:

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Thank-you For Reading Gentle Reader
Take Care
And As Always
Stay Well Read
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