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Monday 28 March 2011

Monday's With Mr. K (No. III)

Hello Gentle Reader

March has been a more chaotic month of circumstances that keep just going wrong. However I have been able to maintain the goal and the promise to keep posting "Monday's With Mr. K," once a month. I know this is probably the latest of the three now published "items," but part of that is done mostly out of the circumstances that had befallen me in March. At least its being published on a Monday is all I can say.

Please enjoy Gentle Reader


Tea time was Mr. K's favourite part of the day. By this time of the day he had the most visitors. People would visit him at tea time, because they knew he would be home. The guest or guests would come up the small thin stair way knock on the door, wait and sure enough Mr. K would answer. He would welcome them all in with open arms, firm handshakes and smiles. The guest or guests would take their seat or seats, and wait as Mr. K brought out tea. It was always the same kind of tea though. Peppermint or just mint. "It is the kind I love, and not at all expensive." How he made this tea, though shocked every guest that visited him. It was made in such a way that even those that do not like mint or peppermint tea, found it enjoyable. Mr. K would always smile and say: "There's no real proper way to make tea. It’s always bitter. It’s just a matter of knowing what to throw in to make it more enjoyable." When guest would ask what he put in it, Mr. K would smile affectionately. "A person of knowledge always feels compelled to reveal that knowledge. However the magician, is a person who has knowledge, and he never reveals that knowledge. So in this I am a magician and I cannot reveal my ticks." The guest would nod as if approvingly, but also wondered what was put in the tea. While Mr. K smiled like a content cat -- just like the one or two or three or four but no more, sitting at the window sill lowly purring in the sun.

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