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Thursday 27 May 2010

If you write shit, it is shit, and people like shit

Hello Gentle Reader

Recently on the television (i was watching crude humor of South Park) and i saw the new trailer of the next "Twilight," movie comming out. I found myself almost busting a gut.

However i started to think about this. think very carefulyl about this indeed. because i started to note, that these "twilight," movies are comming out like a mormon pops out babies. They come out one after another after another after another after another. i find it hillarous. Because with "Harry Potter", and "The Lord of the Rings," and even C.S. Lewis's: "The Chronicles of Narnia," each movie took its individual time. Each came out a few years after the predecessor. Each one was amazing in its own individual way (well to a degree, i still find "The Lord of the Rings," long and boring.). But i notice with this "Twilight," phemenonm, is that they are pushing the movies out as fast as they can. I come to wonder, whats the hurry?

Does each movie need to be popped out of the oven, placed on the counter, and decorated horribly then sent to theaters with a bunch of over blown media hype? I find myself laughing. Stupidity seems to be a virus, that seems to spread amongst people faster then the common cold, or the flu. But i cannot expect to much from people who read such trash, let alone watch it.

Perhaps Martin Amis (in his interivew "No More Illusions: An Interview With Martin Amis) said it best:

"Also Gwyn stands for the culture: if Gwyn writes shit, and if the world likes shit, then the world is shit."

Ta-Da From the words of Martin Amis himself (though i doubt any younger ignorant and self-absorbed and borderline narssastic children of today would recongize that name) If people like shit (Twilight) then there you have it -- the world is shit -- personally, i find that a rather disturbing thought. However, i also find this playfully amusing as well.

Because it is both true, and real. People are animals. animals often gather in packs. What happens in packs? Mob/Pack mentallity and from there, you have a bunch of people who cannot think for themselves because they are to stupid or to ignorant to do so.

The wrold is full of a few types of things. Two of which are Shepards and Sheep. You are either a Shepard who dispese the shit for the Sheep to eat, or you are a Sheep, who eats the shit that is spread for you to eat. Surely something to think about, though i doubt that'll happen.

"Too much thought is bad for the soul, for art, and for crime. It is also a sign of middle age."
— Patrick Hamilton

And if i may add -- to much lack of thinking is bad for the mind, because you end up enjoying mind numbing bull shit, of what everyone else enjoys -- Which is Shit!

Thank-you for reading Gentle Reader
Take Care


(link to the Martin Amis Interview below):

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