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Thursday 13 May 2010

Chuck Palahniuk: Tell-All Book Tour

Hello Gentle Reader

May 12 2010

Chuck Palahniuk comes to Calgary aka Cow Town.

An exciting experinece that i was given the oppurtunity to share with others. I now have a signed copy of Chuck Palahniuks new book "Tell-All." Which he personalized. How kind of him to do. He only did that for a hundred people. The first hundred in line. i was number 69 and i was able to be given the oppurtunity to have it done, and so i did.

When i first was lined up waiting for the tiem to come, i found myself listening to the conversations of others. some were about meaningless things that i had no interst in. others were from hardcore fans. at one point i thought i was at some Star Treck convention at times at how they spoke so highly of him. They spoke of his infamous story called "Guts," as well as his novels such as "Fight Club," (no suprise there) among others.

Upon entering and waiting, i found myself bored somewhat. the first 50 of the first 100 would get their books personalized. 51 to 100 would get there's personalized after the show. whatever right? so i waited, and read some of "Tell-All," though the place was rather loud and i found my ears were trailing off to hear conversations rathern then my eyes focusing on the words in front of me.

So Mr. Palahniuk came in, from the entrance in which we all came in from before. what a shcok really. i thought he would come in through the back or through the curtains of the stage and whatever else. however he didn't. a sign of common modesty? or a sigh of symbolic equality? perhaps. I am not sure. Nor do i care. speculating is easy because you will most likely know the real answer or reason.

I was suprised (to a degree) how well he dressed. so simple and professional. i knew he dressed like a normal person. with dress pants shoes et cetera. Quite a far cry from the way some of his fans and readers had dressed. He had normal dark brown hair. he wore black dress pants (or where they navy blue?) wore black socks, black shoes, and a white undershirt or a wife beater (who knows) and a pale blue dress shirt tucked into his pants.

Quite a far cry indeed. Well some fans were covered in tattoo's, and had pink hair, and dressed outlandishly he was dressed like some normal person of society. someone who could easily walk out on the street's and barely get a second look. how intersting that his image and his novels differ so much. But i suppose that you should never judge a book by its cover.

A great tour in all. I found it fun and enjoyable. i greatly am happy that Chuck Palahniuk came to Calgary to do that. his only Canadian stop for this tour. i am very happy that i was able to go. Well worth the thirty three dollars (had better be!) and it was. i was impressed, and sure enough i will have memories of the event.

What i do admire is Chuck Palahniuks involvement in with the crowd. throwing blow up turkies, blow up hearts, and blow up oscar trophies.

He read a unpublished short story (though the rights were bought by play-boy who will surely publish the story in an issue.) which one? i do not know. i am sure you can find out if you search on the internet.

In all this was a thoroughly beatuiful exerperience. i was unsure of what to expect. but i was not suprised to see it lively full of rather dark/macabre humor. lets just say Chuck Palahniuk knows how to use paradox's rather well shall we?

Any one who would ever want a memorable experience i would suggest they go see Chuck Palahniuk. he is lively and fun, as well as a very polite person.

thank-you Gentle Reader for reading.
Thank-you Chuck Palahniuk for comming to Calgary.
Thank-you to word fest for hosting the event and oragnizing it
Thank-you To the Calgary Public Libary for allowing the space to be used.

Stay Well read my dear Gentle Reader

Take Care


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