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Wednesday 21 June 2017

José Eduardo Agualusa, Wins International Literary Dublin Award

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The Angolan writer, José Eduardo Agualusa, has won the International Literary Dublin Award (formerly known as the Impac Prize), for his novel: “A General Theory of Oblivion.” The novel recounts the life of a reclusive woman who holes herself up in her apartment on the eve of Angola gaining its independence for twenty-eight years. Her only contact with the outside world is through snippets of conversation she hears from her neighbours and a radio. She refines her life, philosophy, perspective and thoughts into her diary and then eventually, the walls of her apartment.

In using the prize money, José Eduardo Agualusa had commented that he planned on using it to build a library, in his adoptive country of Mozambique. The irony is not lost on him; that he would use the money from a prize governed by librarians and libraries to create a library. Despite this comical twist, Agualusa explained there was a lack of infrastructure and accessibility for the populace to reach literature and information in Mozambique. A charitable act, by one of the greatest Portuguese language writers current at work.

Congratulations José Eduardo Agualusa!

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