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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Gore Vidal Dead

Hello Gentle Reader

We have lost many good authors this year. From WisÅ‚awa Szymborska of Poland, and Antonio Tabucchi of Italy/Portugal, to Carlos Fuentes of Mexico, and down to Ray Bradbury a science fiction, horror, and fantasy author of America, it has been a year of losing some immense talent in the literary field, and world. Now Liberal America’s Literati, have lost one of their own. At the age of eighty-six Gore Vidal was outspoken in politics and culture. He was an author and a writer, and very politically outspoken. Who could forget his famous feuds, one being with the overly ideal to the point of utopian thinking as well indoctrinated conservative American commentator William Buckley, who died in two-thousand and eight, with their televised feud, and “Esquire,” controversy settled in two thousand and three – well at least superficially. Who could forget a young Gore Vidal and Truman Capote’s long lasting feud for life, had entertained spectators for the duration of Capote’s life, in which in the end Vidal had responded with “a good career move”. Vidal however continued to live, and life went on as usual for him. More feuds were made; and more fans were accumulated. Political activism was taken up, to more extreme’s further eclipsing his literary career. Gore Vidal in nineteen-sixty ran for congress. Though Vidal lost his bid, he had won the most votes than any other democrat in the last fifty years in the 29th congressional district in upstate New York. In his last decade or so, Gore Vidal took center stage for his political outspokenness once again, and his political pamphlets, where he criticized the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan – much as he did for Vietnam. Old friends even looked at the author with surprise and uncertainty. An old friend Christopher Hitchens who also passed away not that long ago, had even put his back on Gore Vidal because politics had wedged a chasm between the two of them, and their friendship. Now dead from complications from pneumonia, Gore Vidal will be remembered as a political author and activist. Who stood by his ideals and his opinions until the end.

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